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New to yoga or new to Yoga High? GET UNLIMITED ONLINE REAL TIME CLASSES for $49

Join us for your first 21 days in the Yoga High studio with Unlimited Classes for just $49. Our introductory offer is the perfect chance for your to flow with us, build your strength and get hooked on the #yogahigh feeling.

Reset New Habits and Create New Beginnings

Twenty first century living means we are always so busy and time just passes by so quickly these days. Sometimes we become so unaware of what we are doing (being on auto pilot with our routines) that habits form and then within a blink of an eye later we find ourselves stuck in a rut: […] Twenty first century living

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Benefits of Completing a Challenge

What are the benefits of completing a yoga/Pilates challenge? We know that the hardest part about a regular practice is getting to your mat. We look for something to blame and the first thing that gets blamed is LIFE and how it just gets busier and how it just happens. So why would adding a […] What are the benefits

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Tips to Stay Motivated During the Festive and Summer Season

As Summer and the festivities that follow start to come around thick and fast, some of us tend to get a little anxious about how we’re going to stay fit and healthy while still making it to all those Christmas lunches, drinks, bbq’s, get togethers, catch ups and dinners. These are challenging times ahead and […] As Summer and the

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“As an adult, I could never commit to any form of exercise, let alone sticking to a regimen! The professional team lead by Anne Marie & Mic have created a clean, welcoming and most importantly, nurturing environment whereby anyone can achieve their wellness goals. Today I am 30kgs lighter and have a greater understanding and appreciation of my body. I say, embrace the warmth of the hot room and its people! I did and it has changed my life..”Peter Soukos

“When I checked out Yoga High I felt at home straight away! The Hot HIIT Pilates was a great way to get used to the feeling and I always come away energised! I sleep better now and cope so much better with anything that life throws at me to challenge me, all thanks to Yoga High! I think I parent better now too as I’m less stressed out.”Robert Don

“LIFE CHANGING - this is exactly what I have been searching for. I am on the tail end of the $49 for 30 days trial and will be purchasing the membership and definitely continuing. I LOVE IT. My whole outlook on life has become so much more positive and I'm generally feeling so much happier - so much so that my partner told me the other night that I have to continue going as I'm back to my old happy self! Yay! Thank you everyone at Yoga High”Sophie McNutt

“It has been and still is an amazing journey where every class is a challenge for me both spiritually and physically but Mic and Anne Marie and all the instructors there make it a special experience each and every time. It has become a major part of my life thanks to the experience at Yoga High.”Carl Wraith