We are Yoga High

We’ve been chasing the #Yogahigh Feeling since 2013

EveryBODY is welcome in our Tullamarine Hot Yoga and Hot Pilates Studio. We are proud to be a diverse, ever-evolving and expanding space for your growth. Offering classes from Hot Flow and Hot HIIT Pilates through to Bikram and Yin Yoga, each Yoga High experience is transformative. We are here to meet you on your journey, from inexperienced to devout, we have a class for everyone and everyone succeeds in the hot room.

Yoga High is a state of mind and energy that is experienced after an epic class.

We’re here presenting on the mat each day for our daily practice – seeking the natural yoga high. Why don’t you join us?


We are not here to parade or compete, we’re here for the joy of physical movement and the support that our practice brings. Our studio is and will always be an open and inviting space for people of all sizes, skill levels, ages and backgrounds. We acknowledge (and love!) that our diversity is one of our greatest strengths.


At Yoga High, we move together. We’ve created a loving and caring space to practise together in unison and shared energy. Together, we feel more joy, get the support we need and progress faster through our shared practice.


We are committed to creating a space, physical and emotional, for our students to experience growth through our practice. From nurturing physical injuries to supporting emotional barriers, our studio is a safe and warm environment to work through life’s challenges and come out stronger.


We love what we do and we do it well, but like to have fun along the way. We’re cheeky, we’re a little traditional, we are motivators and occasional hard-asses. Take what you want or need from your time with Yoga High – we’re here for whatever stage of the journey you’re at, and we’ll laugh you through it.

Founders Anne Marie & Mic have strived to create a place for all to let it out on the mat, find their strength and experience true growth through their practice. Certified in Bikram Yoga, Hatha/Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Breath Work, Meditation and Pilates; their energy can be found in every Yoga High experience. When they are not taking students through their paces or practising themselves, they like to smuggle vegan frozen ice creams into cinemas and eat clean while engrossed in the big screen. On other occasions they can be found chasing their two greyhounds through the local park or walking for hours to find a cafe that serves the perfect fresh matcha latte.

Together, they are spreading the healing and magic of the Yoga High experience around their community, encouraging locals to find their power in moving their bodies. Yoga HIgh is a no judgment, no competition, no-one-turned-away loving community. From the healing to the powering up, from restoring and relaxing, to strengthening and balancing, and finally from sharpening your focus and determination to the quietening of the mind – Anne Marie and Mic have designed a class to suit you. Their team of teachers, each experienced and passionate, bring this to life on the mat every day.


700 Hours Bikram Teacher Training 2010
50 Hours Yin Yoga and Anatomy TT, Yin Therapy 2016
20 Hours Mat Pilates Level 2, 2016
200 Hours Hatha Teacher Training, The Yoga Social 2017
Meditation And Pranayama, The Yoga Social 2017
Advanced Yin Yoga Teacher Training, Breath of Heart 2018
Qualified Health Coach, Institute For Integrative Nutrition, NY, 2018
Sound Bath Healing Level 1, 2018
Mat & Reformer Certificate IV, Breathe Pilates February 2019


700 Hours Bikram Teacher Training 2010
Meditation And Pranayama The Yoga Social 2016
200 Hours Hatha Teacher Training, The Yoga Social 2017
Sound Bath Healing Level 1 2018

Ready to experience the Yoga High?

I have been with Yoga High for 4-5 yrs & absolutely love this community. I was in my late 40’s looking for something that would help me improve my fitness, flexibility and arthritic joints. The hot room is perfect for me. I am always encouraged to extend my practice and my core had improved so much over the years. I’m so excited to join the Rock Star challenge - 100 days of practice, something I would never considered participating in, all those years ago. Thank you for being there for me.

- Anna Gabrielle

I began my yoga journey at Yoga High and would not be where i am today in my practice without the guidance and support from the wonderful owners Anne Marie & Mic. This is not only a studio, it is a community, a second home, a sanctuary, a place of no judgement, one that is fuelled with positive vibrations and a profound energy. As you walk through the doors you are welcomed with a smile and warmth by all teachers, that instantly eases any worry you may have had about starting something you have never done before. The variety of classes on the schedule constantly keep your mind and body in check but also challenged, and for that reason i have remained a yoga high member for many years. It has been so rewarding to both my mind and body respectively and i can't live without it! So please - reward yourself. Join the Yoga High Community and vibrate high on life, as so many of us currently are at Yoga High.

- Jess Miceli

So, I’m not really in shape (unless “round” counts) and at times have struggled with injuries and restrictive movement, however both the instructors and other students at Yoga High have always been open and welcoming, supportive and encouraging. They will get you moving, keep you moving and revitalise both your mind and body in the process. The Hot HIIT Pilates is my thing. I always feel energised and motivated to do more after these classes. Go every day, go every other day, or only go when you can…just go, you won’t be disappointed.

- David Salt

Before I started doing yoga I thought it was just one of those things that doesn’t do much for your body. However since I started Yin and Hot Hiit at Yoga High, I’ve been completely proven wrong. I’ve noticed so many changes in my body; from flexibility, to relaxed muscles, I’ve even noticed by body becoming stronger every week and I’m not feeling as anxious in general anymore! 🙂 Every teacher brings their own vibe and style to each class, with alternate teachers every week I think it’s refreshing! Yoga High is an incredibly warm and inviting environment, I don’t think you could find another studio with these beautiful vibes. The teachers are such beautiful souls and I always see other Yogis with a big smile on their face! I’m always recommending Yoga High to people so thank you Mic & Anne Marie 💚

- Yvette Mahalia

Amazing studio, great classes and terrific instructors. Yoga High has created a very special place in my heart. Thanks Yoga high for inspiring me to get on my mat and workout even if I had a long day at work. I enjoy all the classes very much and I have no intention of leaving Yoga high anytime soon! The studio is kept clean and has everything we need for an awesome workout.

- Aditya Joshi

Since being recommended Yoga High, I haven''t looked back! I was recovering from a prolapsed disc and needed to improve my core strength. Not only have i strengthened my core and improved my back health through regular Hot Pilates classes but I have also discovered the wonders of Yin Yoga and move through life a lot calmer and relaxed! Yoga High is definitely my home away from home

- Maryanne Bossen

Having been introduced to Yoga High through a close friend, I was at first not that keen to try a “Hot HIIT Pilates class” My very fist class was exactly that ! The room was HOT, the music was LOUD and the energy was INCREDIBLE … not to mention that my instructor was the one and only Anne Marie! So yes I’m hooked and now consider myself a “Yoga High” devotee. Anne Marie and Mic are both highly motivated and professional individuals and together with their team of dedicated instructors the classes are “Challenging”, “Powerful”, “Insightful” but above all very “Enjoyable”. Well done Yoga High on taking me and many others like me, on our next journey of discovery.

- John Purdue

I joined Yoga High approximately 4 years ago to improve my overall health and wellbeing. I have regularly attended morning and/or evening classes with the YIN & meditation becoming my favorite – they are my ‘non negotiable’ each week. As a 60 year old, the classes in the heated room are always challenging, however the instructors make everyone feel welcome, accommodating all fitness and capability levels.

During a really difficult period in my personal life, Yoga High became my safe haven – I often had to push myself to get there, but knowing I would always be greeted with a smile, encouraged by the instructors and other friendly members, I always left feeling better in mind and body. I am enormously grateful for the dedicated Yoga High team and what they provide to every member, every day in every class.

-Therese Blay

I have lost a total of 10kg and I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in! Based on my recent medical check-ups and blood results, the doctors have told me that I should continue whatever it is I’m doing because whatever it was, it was working!

The instructors here are very good at motivating you and getting the best results possible. Some days when I’m feeling not so great, the pep and cheer the instructors show during the classes really help stimulate me and keep me motivated. I’m feeling healthier, more energetic and am loving the natural glow, and I know I owe a big thanks to the team at Yoga High!

- Tineke Huy

I’ve been at Yoga High for about 6 months and the positive vibes and a lifelong sustainable healthy living lifestyle is what I get from this well taught and maintained establishment. All the teachers bring their own different swag to the classes whether it be some cheesy humor, playlists from the 80s, the same moves with a different name or the drill Sergeant tone. This is all done with love and an attitude of gratitude. They push you if you want but encourage you to listen to your body and offer modifications. No judgements. No ego. Just Smiles and sweat. I get high on Yoga High.

-Paulo Tuala



1-42 Barrie Road
Tullamarine 3043 VIC

[email protected]

03 9330 2879

1-42 Barrie Road
Tullamarine 3043 VIC

[email protected]

03 9330 2879


“As an adult, I could never commit to any form of exercise, let alone sticking to a regimen! The professional team lead by Anne Marie & Mic have created a clean, welcoming and most importantly, nurturing environment whereby anyone can achieve their wellness goals. Today I am 30kgs lighter and have a greater understanding and appreciation of my body. I say, embrace the warmth of the hot room and its people! I did and it has changed my life..”Peter Soukos

“When I checked out Yoga High I felt at home straight away! The Hot HIIT Pilates was a great way to get used to the feeling and I always come away energised! I sleep better now and cope so much better with anything that life throws at me to challenge me, all thanks to Yoga High! I think I parent better now too as I’m less stressed out.”Robert Don

“LIFE CHANGING - this is exactly what I have been searching for. I am on the tail end of the $49 for 30 days trial and will be purchasing the membership and definitely continuing. I LOVE IT. My whole outlook on life has become so much more positive and I'm generally feeling so much happier - so much so that my partner told me the other night that I have to continue going as I'm back to my old happy self! Yay! Thank you everyone at Yoga High”Sophie McNutt

“It has been and still is an amazing journey where every class is a challenge for me both spiritually and physically but Mic and Anne Marie and all the instructors there make it a special experience each and every time. It has become a major part of my life thanks to the experience at Yoga High.”Carl Wraith