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Classes at Yoga High are specifically designed for everyBODY and always beginner friendly. Notify our friendly teachers that you are new to hot yoga and we will be able to offer you guidance or support throughout the class, we simply ask that you try your hardest and have some fun along the way and we promise that in time you will get stronger, grow to love the heat and become more confident with movement/postures.


YIN with Sound Bath Healing Meditation

This divine class is an absolute MUST! Allow yourself to unwind and relax whilst immersing in long held postures and all the while being by the glorious live sounds of the crystal bowls. The long holds of Yin Yoga allows your muscles to relax and release stress by reducing tension in the tight parts of your body as well as get into the less dense connective tissues and muscles. The soothing sounds and vibrations of the crystal singing bowls cultivate a harmonic space to deepen the relaxation resulting in a renewed sense of self. These clever sound waves work while you rest in a meditative state restoring harmony to your body and mind with ease. You will be forever grateful when you discover the magic of Yin yoga. Yin yoga is not practised in the heat.

HOT HATHA with Meditation

A beautiful class especially designed to open your body and steady your mind. This Hatha Flow class is practised at a quieter and slower pace emphasising mindful movements to create grounding. You will feel a deep sense of ease as you end the class with a guided 20 minute seated meditation practice. This meditation will give you the pause from the busy-ness of our lives leaving you to feel lighter and clearer in the mind. An absolute must in these current times of uncertainty and unknown. Get truly centred and come back home to your heart.



This is a beginner friendly class practised in a heated room of up to 40 degrees. Consisting of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises specifically designed in a sequential order to safely and deeply work your body and get your sweat flowing. Beginners are welcome and are very well taken care of and the more seasoned practitioners will definitely be challenged. You will experience a deeper level of stretching, feel revived through the sweating and exhilarated from the increased heart rate/cardio vascular workout. An amazing sense of achievement is the bonus with guaranteed stress levels reducing and sleep improving.


Hot Power Yoga is practised in 35 degrees heated room. This class consists more advanced postures that connect movement to breath while working towards more challenging peak postured. This class will develop strength, flexibility and determination as you challenge your body and mind. There is no set sequence so each practice will have slight and varying differences with each teacher who will skilfully guide the class towards a specific posture, theme or focus, at the same time incorporating breath work (pranayama) and mindfulness, leaving you feeling invigorated and strong. This class is suitable for beginners and more experienced students – the teacher will always cater to you no matter where you are in your practice. Just be prepared to be challenged. A guaranteed yoga high feels at the end of each class!


A slower-paced 60 minute class that is practised to mellow tunes in 37 degrees heat. This beautiful Vinyasa class connects the body mind through postures and breath. This is a class consisting of fluid movements, focusing on alignment and holding space for those building confidence and a sense of familiarity. Suitable also for more experienced students who are working towards refining the fundamentals as well as exploring their bodies and strengths to get deeper into asanas.


HOT HIIT Pilates 55mins/45mins

A seriously fun class that promises the world! Expect to shred fat and burn hundreds of calories, tone and sculpt your body, get fitter with a good dose of the HIIT and gain strength and stability with the Pilates exercises. You will reap the benefits of a good detox from the sweaty workout guaranteeing you one of the best workouts you will ever have. The WOW factor right here waiting for you where everyone can join in on the fun!


With an emphasis on slower moves, heavier weights, form and alignment, the entire body will be under the spotlight using a specialised Pilates sequence, based on all things Pilates – just how we love it! We will work the smaller muscles hard to feel the burn. A guaranteed focus on intensity we promise no regrets as you tone, perk and tighten each time after class! 45 minutes of continuous movement to gorgeous tunes and in a heated room for that extra edge. Think Reformer Pilates class without the Reformer machines, no HIIT so forget big muscle groups instead waking and firing up smaller muscles that we so often neglect.

HOT HIIT Pilates 30

Pressed for time with only 30minutes to spare for a workout? Don't worry – we’ve got you. Expect to burn fat and tone up, with a pretty good boost of the cardio High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Work hard, sweat heaps, get the heart pumped and you will walk away with some seriously high on life happy feels and fabulous sweaty results at the end of this fiery workout!

Tummy Legs Peaches Pilates

Just 30 minutes but an epic workout! This is a great class targeting our glutes, abdominals, thighs and backs. For those who want to work specifically on strengthening and toning the stabiliser muscles of the body this is the class for you! The room is mildly heated to get more of the sweaty feels and you can feel so renewed after class. TuLPP will develop, strengthen and power up the core muscles to allow us to . This 30 minute fun class will leave you feeling like you’ve woken up muscles that have been asleep for a while! A great way to complement all the other styles of yoga and pilates.

WARNING: This is a very addictive class leaving you with sore glutes, abs and thighs! We work with weights, pilates rings and resistance bands.


Barre is a fusion of Ballet & Pilates that is a fabulous workout for the entire body. The result is longer and leaner muscles. Our heart rate goes up because it is high intensity therefore our fitness and stamina improve. AND the best part is it’s also low impact. You don’t need to have ballet experience. The class is primarily done at the ballet barre. No ballet experience required, Barre is suitable for anyone who wants to get amazing results whilst genuinely having a good old time. Your legs will tone, your hips will open, your posture will improve and your core strength will be stronger!

Lets swing them hips and point them toes! BARRE here we come!



1-42 Barrie Road
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1-42 Barrie Road
Tullamarine 3043 VIC

[email protected]

03 9330 2879


“As an adult, I could never commit to any form of exercise, let alone sticking to a regimen! The professional team lead by Anne Marie & Mic have created a clean, welcoming and most importantly, nurturing environment whereby anyone can achieve their wellness goals. Today I am 30kgs lighter and have a greater understanding and appreciation of my body. I say, embrace the warmth of the hot room and its people! I did and it has changed my life..”Peter Soukos

“When I checked out Yoga High I felt at home straight away! The Hot HIIT Pilates was a great way to get used to the feeling and I always come away energised! I sleep better now and cope so much better with anything that life throws at me to challenge me, all thanks to Yoga High! I think I parent better now too as I’m less stressed out.”Robert Don

“LIFE CHANGING - this is exactly what I have been searching for. I am on the tail end of the $49 for 30 days trial and will be purchasing the membership and definitely continuing. I LOVE IT. My whole outlook on life has become so much more positive and I'm generally feeling so much happier - so much so that my partner told me the other night that I have to continue going as I'm back to my old happy self! Yay! Thank you everyone at Yoga High”Sophie McNutt

“It has been and still is an amazing journey where every class is a challenge for me both spiritually and physically but Mic and Anne Marie and all the instructors there make it a special experience each and every time. It has become a major part of my life thanks to the experience at Yoga High.”Carl Wraith