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We are committed to creating a space, physical and emotional, for our students to experience growth through our practice. From nurturing physical injuries to supporting emotional barriers, our studio is a safe and warm environment to work through life’s challenges and come out stronger.

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Ann Marie

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Anne Marie Riego

I believe in daily conscious movement – whether it’s walking, swimming, yoga, dance or Pilates. For me, to move is to live an awesome life! I have been and still am a dedicated yoga student for the past 16 years. My classes are definitely energetic, tough and challenging but you will always get personal attention and a whole lot of loving- this I guarantee! As I continue to teach, I am truly inspired by my students’ willingness to move and commitment to their health and well-being. They always give me 100% which is why in turn I always give 100% back. My role as a teacher is now blurred where my students inspire me to grow and keep showing up on my mat – no matter what. I love that I am a part of their journey in some way.

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lots of qualifications listed here.

Mic Williams

I’ve always enjoyed physical activity, from swimming as a teenager to martial arts in my early 20’s. Yoga came to me when I really needed some self-awareness and nourishment for my body. My own personal practice and teaching experience informs how I guide the class, striving for a balance between effort and ease, work and play. My classes allow the student to have their own revelations and victories and also supporting them when they feel challenged. The unique community at Yoga High respectfully encourages real personal growth, the kind of living that invites the totality of being to be expressed. Yoga and conscious movement, is one of the methods to bring any individual to a deeper understanding of themselves and greater appreciation of life. And here at Yoga High, our classes do just that – an invitation to look deeper within. See you on the mat!


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Natalie Arena

I discovered Yoga High about 4 years ago when trying to find a place close to home with different classes on offer. The Hot HIIT pilates classes drew me to Yoga High and I instantly fell in love. Not only was I welcomed with open arms, but I discovered other classes that I never thought I would attend regularly, in particular Bikram Yoga. After my first Bikram class I swore I would never do that again, I now not only teach Bikram at Yoga High but Hot HIIT Pilates as well. What I love about Yoga High are the friends you make within this wonderful community. Everyone works hard, sweats and laughs together, shares strong energy and positive vibes in the hot room. The best part? Leaving the room after trying your absolute best and being congratulated, motivated and inspired by the amazing teachers and dedicated students. There are no judgements here. Everyone is at a different stage in their practice and we respect that. Whether we’re aiming high to master poses in Bikram yoga or building core strength in Hot HIIT, I’ll support you on your journey. All I ask from my students is to try their best, listen to their bodies, learn from their challenges and most importantly have fun.


200 hours yoga teacher training

Sonya Gerace

I began my own journey at Yoga High as a student in January 2018 and have reaped the many benefits of the hot yoga and Hot HIIT Pilates classes. For me, the two practices align so perfectly together and I have experienced a connection between mind, body and spirit that I was never able to achieve with my previous fitness regime. So when Anne Marie and Mic suggested I undertake Hot HIIT Pilates teacher training, I jumped at the chance! I aim to deliver a challenging and motivating class where every student is welcomed, feels that their personal needs are catered for and leaves the studio empowered. Part of my mission is to nurture and instil in my students the sense of community that is integral to the Yoga High family. I invite you all to try both Hot HIIT Pilates and hot yoga in your regular practise and you too will soon feel the amazing benefits of a regular practice of with the Yoga High community. Come sweat with me, be challenged and have fun at the same time!


200 hours yoga teacher training

Vida Petko

The greatest gift you can give someone is to include them and treat them as you would want to be treated. This is how I live my life, with empathy, sincerity and love. This is the gift I wish to bring to the students of Yoga High. My dream of becoming a Bikram yoga teacher. has been realised for me through the amazing mentorship and support from Anne Marie and Mic. I am now ready, excited and inspired to help make your experience an amazing journey, in and out of the hot room. Each and every time you walk through the doors into the arms of the Yoga High family, we will be there to embrace your journey. I want to impact and influence your personal development with joy and peace.


lots of qualifications listed here.

Simone Gabrielle

I’ve always valued self-love, and while practising that can be easier said than done –joining the Yoga High community allowed me to truly explore the strength of my mind, body and soul. Now a HOT HIIT Pilates teacher, I see my own experience reflected in the practice of my students – the strength that grows in the drips of sweaty perseverance, the inner curiosity as we complete one more push-up than from the previous class and the joy that radiates through the shared experience of the hot room. To the past, current, and future students: I am honoured to support you in your Yoga High journey and I can’t wait to see you out on the mat!


200 hours yoga teacher training

Beatriz Montes

I discovered Yoga in 2002 when my doctor prescribed visits to the gym as part of my treatment for symptoms of anxiety and depression. Although I loved it from the start, it wasn’t until 2016 when I immersed myself deeper into my practice that I started to feel every single cell in my body energised by its calling. It may sound like a cliche but the saying “when the student is ready the teacher will appear” very much resonates with my journey. I love that Yoga has challenged and transformed my emotions, my mind and my body in a way that I believe anything is possible when you are prepared to show up. My goal is to have my students leave each class feeling grounded, connected to their centre and inspired, the same way my teachers, my peers and my personal practice inspires me every day.”


200 hours yoga teacher training

Tineke Huy

My practice at Yoga High has completely transformed my life with my own personal health issues. I have Crohn’s disease and ever since I started practising here at Yoga High, my doctors have been impressed with my results. I want to do the same for my students: inspire them to keep active, get a regular sweat session here and see for themselves the amazing benefits both mind, body and spirit. I teach a fun but tough class both physically and mentally. I use a lot of the ‘toys’ – magic rings, blocks, bands and so everyone is challenged in some way but where everyone succeeds too!


200 hours yoga teacher training

Trang Hoang

I remember my first Bikram yoga class like it was only yesterday. Leaving the hot room, I felt exhausted and alive, but excited and recharged for the rest of my day. I was immediately hooked and very soon it became a part of my daily routine. I am forever grateful to the Yoga High community as I completed my teacher training course in early 2018 and have since started teaching. Besides Bikram yoga, exploring other yoga disciplines has helped me to understand the balance of yin and yang that gradually lead to a deeper practice. Broadening my practice and knowledge has been central to my growth as an individual and as a teacher. I find it very rewarding to be able to guide people into a place of peace and a place with no judgements or expectations. It is amazing to watch students come alive in class with energy and strength. I believe that a yoga practice continually provides opportunities to evolve your mind, body and spirit.


lots of qualifications listed here.

Molly Takle

I am a passionate yoga and Pilates instructor who specialises in incorporating my knowledge of anatomy in combination with the harmony of mindful movement and conscious breathwork into my classes, personal practice, and life both on and off the mat. I discovered yoga and Pilates at aged 22 and fell in love with practice and its endless benefits. My journey began as a means to manage pain associated with scoliosis, and has since not only corrected the issue, but has given me a deep understanding of anatomy and physiology, higher self-awareness and understanding, and a thirst for continual learning and development. Yoga completely changed my life; physically, mentally and spiritually; and I endeavour to share my infectious love and passion for yoga with my beautiful students in each and every class.


200 hours yoga teacher training

Run Hawke

I am a loving caring person who has a passion for Yoga, Pilates and family I began practising as a means to improve my strength and flexibility from a very young age. It wasn’t until my early twenties that I discovered my love for teaching. I’ve been teaching at Yoga High Since 2015. My classes are energetic but fun and I teach the Hot HIIT Pilates, Bikram yoga as well as Yin which I would love for you to attend. My Yin classes are both soothing and relaxing. I look forward to being a part of your Yoga/Pilates journey here at Yoga High.


Hot Barre, Hot HIIT Pilates Teacher

Elliot Provis

The most satisfying feedback to me after classes is that people feel as though they had a real workout. Yoga & Pilates offer the opportunity to pursue this, by their very nature. The exercises are an effective way to open up, stretch out, and enhance strength and flexibility. In turn, the effort and concentration required of individuals, to achieve this challenges the other part of the brain. By striving to reach a point of fluidity in mind and body, we can achieve, not perfection, but an unbounded strength and resilience in the face of adversity. I chose to teach at Yoga High because of community, and because of loyalty to friends and family. It’s simply something unique to Yoga High, and it’s definitely something worth pursuing.


Hot Flot Teacher

Liz Jakab

I found yoga in 2015 and it helped with my anxiety where everything started to shift for me, energetically, physically and emotionally. It has enriched the relationships I have with others around me, and constantly reminds me to stay in the present moment where true joy lies. By connecting your breath with movement, you will build this refuge within you to which you can always come back to when you pass through life’s storms. I am very grateful to be given the opportunity to share and teach something that I am so passionate about where students realize the power that is already within them. At yoga high we create a safe, sacred space in order for transformation and healing to take place on and off the mat. Hope to see you in the hot room soon.

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200 hours yoga teacher training

Sabina Gillon

Living life to the fullest was not always my way. As a child I was always the sour one in the corner not feeling like I belonged and life was just plain miserable. Fast forward to today – a changed woman. I am passionate about life and all that it gives me I embrace wholeheartedly. As a movement teacher of Zumba for 8 years and now Hot HIIT Pilates I believe that I am the luckiest person to have the greatest job who gets to witness people’s journeys physically and emotionally. Yoga High is my home away from home. Students & teachers bring in so much love and positive vibe creating a beautiful sanctuary. I teach a challenging but fun class where everyone is also having the best time ever! And this is the essence I am always after where my students come out of a tough class with me feeling stronger than before class started. This is how I win.


Hot HIIT, Yin with Sound Bath Healing

Shawna Leyton

Yoga high studio is a community that welcomes every person who walks through the door, regardless of their fitness level and encourage the best for EVERY student. I realised this when I stepped foot into their doors mid-2019. Yoga high is a place to let your day go, focus on yourself and allow you to challenge your body. The studio has allowed me to develop my knowledge and teaching skills I never knew I had. I now have confidence and strength that I thought wasn’t possible a year ago! I teach both the incredible Hot HITT Pilates classes and the beautiful Yin with Sound Bath Healing Meditation. Movement is extremely important to me. If you stop using your muscles, which are created to be worked, they begin to weaken and fatigue. The more movement I have in my life, the happier, the healthier and the more focused I become.Through staying present in postures and holding awareness of our breath, we start making changes deep within the physical and mental structure – uniting the mind, body and spirit. The opportunities for personal growth at Yoga High have exceeded my expectations. With their wide variety of classes and teachers, you’re guaranteed to learn something new every time you step in that room.


Pilates teacher

Mitch Leyton

After completing my first Bikram Yoga class I felt extremely fatigued, but weirdly enough, energised and ready to seize the day. I was never a gym person but between the Yoga and Hot HIIT Pilates classes at Yoga High, I finally found a fitness studio that intrigued, motivated and challenged me – all at the same time! After a week of completing classes, I had found the hidden sanctuary. I am extremely driven and focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and I wanted others to experience this same amazing journey I’d discovered. Seeing students and teachers coming together and the loving friendships that are formed here at Yoga High is nothing like I have ever experienced before. A year ago, I didn't even know what Pilates was, let alone did I think I could be teaching it! Taking that first step into Yoga High, changed my perspective of my mind, body and soul. I realised this after being offered to complete my Pilates teacher training, to take any opportunity that may arise in your life – and in opening that door, many many adventures await. And this is where I am now – hungry to learn and develop both as a student and a teacher. Yoga High is a place where this happens every single time spent on your mat. My goal is to challenge and strengthen the mind-body connection with a playful curiosity and feel inspired to be the best versions of themselves. When leaving class, you will feel connected to your true self, rejuvenated and accomplished. I welcome everybody from all different walks of life, varying levels of experience unto the mat, to sweat, melt and hold space for each other.

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Pilates Teacher

Daria Szczepanska

I have been practising Pilates for a couple of years now and instantly fell in love with it. Pilates is more than exercise to me; it is therapy and provides me with the mental clarity I need to go about my day. I celebrate my body every day through movement and I listen to what it needs whether it be a light stretch or intense workout, I thank my body afterwards and absolutely love the rush of endorphins that follow. I want my students to feel motivated, be excited and push like there is no tomorrow because they are moving their body by themselves and FOR themselves. My students deserve to feel accomplished after their workouts and always ready to come back and sweat it out. I hope I can inspire my students to always have a smile while pushing to find their full potential in my classes. The Yoga High community is a close family who support absolutely everyone to strive and get stronger – I am honoured to be a part of this.


Hot HIIT Pilates Teacher

Tasmin Haussen

Physical activity has always been a large part of my life. I spent most of my teenage years running, making me one of Australia’s elite female distance runners. The intense training and impact running had on my body left me with many injuries, leaving me no choice but to have a break. Opening the door to Yoga High has been such a blessing. I love the feel as soon as you walk in the studio; the community, the love and the positive vibes. I’m currently teaching as a reformer pilates instructor, so having the opportunity to be part of Yoga High as a HOT HITT PILATES teacher is amazing. I love pilates because it’s low impact but you still leave feeling satisfied from an intense workout. Yoga High has not only helped me physically but also mentally. I can’t wait to see your smiling face in studio and share all the love and high vibes with you.


Pilates Teacher

Emily Krezlewski

My first encounter with yoga was at the gym, where I thought it could be a good addition to my fitness training. I tried various forms over the years, but was absolutely hooked when I discovered vinyasa in a heated a room! Now yoga is part of my daily life, and I truly believe that it has something to offer everyone. From calming the mind through pranayama and meditation, to loosening tight bodies and alleviating tension through movement. Plus it makes you feel so good, after your practice you can’t help smiling! I teach flow classes with a focus on breath and alignment to protect the body from injury. I want my students to feel challenged during a class, but to walk away with a sense of achievement and a smile on their face. I like to create space in their bodies and balance in their minds and daily life. I think that if we can enjoy the wobbles and falls that come from trying something new and pushing the boundaries, we can allow ourselves to have fun and grow.

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1-42 Barrie Road
Tullamarine 3043 VIC

[email protected]

03 9330 2879

1-42 Barrie Road
Tullamarine 3043 VIC

[email protected]

03 9330 2879


“As an adult, I could never commit to any form of exercise, let alone sticking to a regimen! The professional team lead by Anne Marie & Mic have created a clean, welcoming and most importantly, nurturing environment whereby anyone can achieve their wellness goals. Today I am 30kgs lighter and have a greater understanding and appreciation of my body. I say, embrace the warmth of the hot room and its people! I did and it has changed my life..”Peter Soukos

“When I checked out Yoga High I felt at home straight away! The Hot HIIT Pilates was a great way to get used to the feeling and I always come away energised! I sleep better now and cope so much better with anything that life throws at me to challenge me, all thanks to Yoga High! I think I parent better now too as I’m less stressed out.”Robert Don

“LIFE CHANGING - this is exactly what I have been searching for. I am on the tail end of the $49 for 30 days trial and will be purchasing the membership and definitely continuing. I LOVE IT. My whole outlook on life has become so much more positive and I'm generally feeling so much happier - so much so that my partner told me the other night that I have to continue going as I'm back to my old happy self! Yay! Thank you everyone at Yoga High”Sophie McNutt

“It has been and still is an amazing journey where every class is a challenge for me both spiritually and physically but Mic and Anne Marie and all the instructors there make it a special experience each and every time. It has become a major part of my life thanks to the experience at Yoga High.”Carl Wraith